Founder & CEO of Fairtrasa

In 2005 I founded Fairtrasa, a social enterprise that empowers small-scale farmers to lift themselves out of poverty through sustainable production and fair trade. As the company’s CEO, I’ve grown Fairtrasa into a global force in the sustainable food and farmer-development space, directly impacting the lives of over 40,000 people (including farmers and their families) and becoming one of the largest suppliers of Organic and Fairtrade certified fruit from Latin America.  Fairtrasa is now an international group comprising 12 companies in 10 countries and a fully integrated supply chain. At the heart of Fairtrasa is our unique and innovative Three Tier Farmer Development Model, which provides small-scale farmers with the training and resources tailored to their specific needs, helping them become independent agro-entrepreneurs. My company and I have received awards and recognition from the World Economic Forum, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Schwab Foundation, Endeavor, the abc* Foundation, Yale University, Fordham University, and Ashoka, among others. Read my full bio and learn more about Fairtrasa at our website.