What does it mean to live
social entrepreneurship?

Is it possible to leave our world
better than we found it?

How can we use business
to transform lives?

What if you woke every day to your calling
and not just a job?


Living Social Entrepreneurship

The world’s most daunting problems demand creative solutions. I believe we can create those solutions together, and that a life committed to doing so is not only essential to the future of our planet, but profoundly satisfying for each of us as individuals.

Fifteen years ago I left a successful and lucrative corporate career to explore other ways of being. I soon founded the company Fairtrasa, and have spent over a decade learning what it means to live social entrepreneurship. By committing myself to the mission of transforming our world through business and innovation, I’ve discovered levels of connection and gratification that I never comprehended before.

As a teacher and thought leader, I want to help people find their missions and create lasting change in themselves and our world. And I’m excited to meet and learn from others who are choosing social entrepreneurship as their life path.